Hello! My name is Dávid Kaya. I work as an Engineering Tech Lead at Y Soft. I specialise in software architecture, mobile applications and .NET. I am a huge technology enthusiast, amateur photographer, cyclist. I like to talk at meetups, schools or other places where people are interested in the topics that I might know something about.

I have been into computers since elementary school. I was highly interested in how computers work inside. How was all that magic that happened in the monitor is even possible. Sadly we didn’t have any computer oriented classes at elementary school. I took advantage of every opportunity where I could come into contact with computers and learn something new. My first contact with programming was at high school where I learned Pascal and subsequently used Pascal in Delphi. It was presented as an introduction into programming. Since it was not language that was commonly used in software development (at least not in that time), I started studying (or maybe playing with would be better words) C in my free time. I was really looking forward to university to learn more about computer science. At the university I have continued to improve my programming skills in C/C++, learned basics of Java and C#. I have also learned a lot of about principles how and why computers work as they work.